Italian digital designer born in 1992.

Led by a strong passion for drawing and creativity, joined the Fine Arts Academy of Brera (Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera) in Milan, central hub of Design, Fashion and Art. Studied Visual Arts approaching numerous creative fields. Worked on photography, drawing, design, 3D modeling and video making. Graduated in 2014 with a first class degree. Completed his studies in the United Kingdom by attending Art and Design at the University of Leeds, England. In Leeds focused on the concepts of design management, brand identity and colour theory.

After graduation returned to Italy for a year and joined two different visual studios. Worked on various projects in the Milan Area, including the 2015 Universal Exhibition.

Moved to Canada in 2015 to work as a Tablet Designer for the newspaper agency Toronto Star. Part of a large creative team, worked to develop daily interactive news content for the tablet app "Toronto Star Touch".

After working for a year in Melbourne (Australia), decided to finally return to Europe in late 2017 - joining various creative studios in the Milan Area. Currently working as a Product Designer for the american company SumoLogic, focusing on UX/UI design for the Cybersecurity tool Cloud SOAR


Lago Maggiore, Italy

Mainly working as a UX/Ui Specialist, competent in the use of numerous creative programs. Intensive use of the main design software including: Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, InDesign, AfterEffects and Dreamweaver. Good animation skills and web design proficiency.

Skilled artist and photographer, practiced numerous creative mediums mastering both digital and traditional illustration. Proficient in photo-retouching and post-processing. Worked also on video making, printing and 3d modeling.


Fine Arts Academy of Brera, Milan


Phone: (+39) 324 7477304 (Italy)

Linkedin: Michele Vincini